Front-end Developer (Vue.js)

  • Development
  • Gent, Belgium

Front-end Developer (Vue.js)

Job description

We're looking for great a front-end developer to join our team. Our code needs to grow faster than our customer demand. We have a set of very difficult challenges ahead that need top-notch engineering. Our mission is to level-up our developers, either by our Vue.js meetups, by our mature process involving linting, testing, reviews and code quality measurements or by continued coaching from our lead developers.


What do you require?

  • Expert knowledge in front-end web development (Vue, React or Angular-type frameworks) 
  • Knows their way around pre-processors and build tools
  • Understanding of user experience and design
  • Knowledge of Git and agile methodologies
  • Being able to handle responsibility and being able to work independently
  • A motivated mind eager to grow and learn
  • Willing to challenge us in technology and process

What are some amazing bonus points?

  • Open source projects or significant contributions
  • A basic understanding of back-end technologies, servers, documentation, product and working in a team

What’s our offer?

  • A competitive salary package that is Officiently optimized to your individual needs
  • Flexibility in working hours and location
  • Growth and mentoring by experienced colleagues
  • The opportunity to grow and learn within a fast-growing startup